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4709 Harford Road

Box #220

Baltimore, MD 21214

         Cedric Paul Harriott, known by his name and title as the leader and founder of our organization Abbot Kai Kihran or Heh Heru, officially created this school, monastery, and resource center on the morning of April the 9th, 2014. The idea came from a noticeable void in information on African philosophers as compared to their European counterparts even though the Africans of antiquity outdated them. This was the catalyst moment of inspiration that caused him to become an avid master student of history, art, and the sciences in search of wherever the truth took him. From this perspective, he created the entire Mystic Degree Pathways that SAAMR uses to bring new monks into the organization, as well as many of the other areas of the organization. He also charged himself to perpetually fund a percentage of the organization as a whole and collects no salary for his generous support.

        After creating the legal entity known as 'The School of the Ancient Alkebu-lanic Mystic Rites, Incorporated.' an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) non-profit organization he next created the framework for what would eventually become the monk monastery. From there he moved into creating a marketplace for products and services, both crafted internally by SAAMR or created in partnership with other SAAMR-approved sources, in support of the mission statement, whereby products and services could be traded and sold. Next, he authored six books and dozens of publications, theory doctrines, models of thought, and the like, in support of the organizations self-paced learning resources as well as its monk monastery. There have been many new developments in the growth of the organization, and those efforts can be found on the About Us, Mission Statement, Positions & Issues, as well as Members area of the website.

        Abbot Kai Kihran, is a pianist, a drummer, a modern mystic, a modern monk, published author, a writer, an ethical mystic vegan, and a systems/network engineer. He also is an avid hiker and well-versed in a variety of subject matters, leading him to be known affectionately as 'The Resident Encyclopedia.'

        His role in this organization is the Founder, the President, and the Pathway Mystic while his three board directors are responsible for the departments of programs and curriculum, records and administration, and matriarchal adorations respectively.

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The Board of Mastery Architects

Governance, Leadership, Power, Vision, Dedication, Friendship, & Pride; The Lifeblood of SAAMR, Inc.


Denzil Allen (Ur-Atum Rashidi Re)

Vice Chief Master Architect (VP), A.M.W.A., A.M.M.A.T.A.

Master Architect Director of Programs & Curriculum

Ur-Atum Rashidi Re is the Vice Chief Master Architect of the School of the Ancient Alkebu-lanic Mystic Rites. Ur-Atum Rashidi Re is also a member of our Board of Mastery Architects which ensures that the organization stays true to its mission statement and organizational bylaws. He is also the Master Architect Director of Programs & Curriculum who ensures that all of our members and administrative staff are always learning and that information in all of our libraries and temples are presented in a clear and concise manner. He serves his fellow seekers as a Master Student whose primary objective is to assist the Chief Master Architect in re-educating students on the history of both the ancient African peoples as well as the history and culture of the modern African worldwide (post-diaspora). A native of Jamaica and African at soul Denzil has a variable lifetime of experience and expertise in helping people realize the best in themselves through education and a properly structured curriculum. 

"It is a blessing to have this excellent Architect on our staff helping us deliver the best temple, library, information source central, and an organization dedicated to the re-education of all peoples while paying great reverence to the high sciences" - Cedric P. Harriott


Kany Dieye (Tahirah Siti Ra)

Chief Technology Architect (CTA), A.W.M.A., A.M.M.A.T.A.

Master Architect Director of Matriarchal Adorations

Tahirah Siti Ra (The Pristine Lady of the Sun) serves her fellow directors and master students as our “Master Architect Director of Matriarchal Adorations” and as the “Chief Technology Architect”. She is responsible for ensuring that every action or activity within our organization is centered on reverence and adoration of the woman. She is responsible for ensuring that our organization stays true to its mission as well as its bylaws. She serves this organization as its motherly figure that we are taught to respect, adore, see ourselves within, and truly revere.

As the Chief Technology Architect, she maintains our membership database, our information archives, our data security policies, and all other digital matters.

She is an incredibly strong and well-grounded African woman, hailing from Senegal whose constant effort in self-betterment, self-love, and community-betterment is noble and steadfast. Her mindset and perception of the world is what is needed to guide our community into a better state and so she sits upon her throne ensuring that we do just that and we love her for it.

"I recall this great quote I picked up while traveling that reads, "Wisdom dwells in contemplation, it is there we must seek her." That spoke volumes to me and within my mother, my grandmother, within Tahirah, and the African woman in general this rings true." - Cedric P. Harriott


Victor Odico (Jahi Maahes Madu)

Chief Financial Architect (CFA), A.M.W.A., A.M.M.A.T.A.

Master Architect Director of Records & Administration

Jahi Maahes Madu is the Acting Chief Financial Architect of the School of the Ancient Alkebu-lanic Mystic Rites. Jahi Maahes Madu is also a member of our Board of Mastery Architects which ensures that the organization stays true to its mission statement and organizational bylaws. He is also our Master Architect Director of Records & Administration where he maintains the integrity and availability of our acquired knowledge. Just as the ancient library of Alexandria was an organized hub and conduit which information flowed through so too are our ever growing archives of acquired material.  He helps provide the monetary record keeping and management backbone of our organization.

"Victor is an integral part of our team here at SAAMR. In working with him on projects of the past I have seen such a brilliant management professional radiate through him and this was a professional that we could not operate as efficiently as we do without him." - Cedric P. Harriott

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