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SAAMR Learning Levels

We find that how people understand the world within us and around us is typically unique to each individual and we wanted to honor that.


By providing various levels of learning we are able to customize how information is visualized in order to provide you with the best opportunity to synthesize the knowledge essential for growth.


Select where you feel you want to start by examining the pathways examples below then seek the answers and enjoy the journey.

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Level One: New to the Knowledge

General topics of importance in black + world history.


New to the Knowledge begins by exploring notable moments of black culture. It explores well-known but misunderstood or misinterpreted societies, cultures, and moments in world history. From the ancient North Africans known as Egyptians to the important black figures of note such as Anthony Browder, Dr. Francis Cress Welsing, and Dr. John Henrik Clarke this learning path flows through the timeline of world history and analyzes some of the greatest hits of our shared human experience.

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Level Two: Expanding to the Knowledge

Expanding on further general topics with more detail.

Expanding the Knowledge builds on the foundational concepts from New to the Knowledge. Where New to the Knowledge focused on learning about the foundations of certain figures and moments from world history, Expanding the knowledge dives deeper into specific details, dates, locations, and other intersectional information.


For example, if in New to the Knowledge we learned about who Dr. France Cress Welsing and Dr. John Henrik Clarke were then in Expanding the Knowledge we focus on their more complete body of work. We look at their lectures, books, videos, talk together about their work, begin to understand our role in this path, and begin to see more of the full picture of history.

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Level Three: Specialized Knowledge

Area and topic specific learning for master students.


Specialized Knowledge is the learning path where you can discover topics that interest you. Mathematics, literature, the occult, the arcane arts, are all optimized for your learning. Equally, specific people or ideas are easily researchable within this learning path.


For example, if I wanted to learn about human migrations as a topic we provide what we believe to be an easy and fun way to learn. However, if you wanted to learn about ancient African history as a collective topic we provide the resources, space, and support to research your scholarly travels.

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Level Four: Travel On

The legendary, the occult, the obscure, the intense, the lore; the deepest knowledge resides in the most mystic forms of works. If you are thirsting for the next step of knowledge sustenance – welcome, for you cometh home to where it lives.

Within the “Travel On” level of our N.E.S.T. learning paths you have the opportunity to learn about our Student Monk Programs, Mystic Degree Pathways, SOVELL-LILLY, and other arts or orders.


For example, if one is looking to become a highly knowledgeable monk studying or creating a new philosophy this is where one would find our approach to these studies as well as friends. Additionally, if one was looking to master the chronological record of human events or to become more aware of the high sciences, then this is where one would study.

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