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"History, as seen through the vibes of our own cultural lens;
                      through this knowledge of self, the rebuilding of our people can finally begin."

- Cedric Paul Harriott, SAAMR Founder

1. The Brief

       There were many great achievements & contributions to mankind by the ancient Africans. That historical truth is undeniable when shown the incredible evidence in the form of wall writings, books, pictures, monuments, stories, spiritual practices, and the sciences - and in even more. However, the saddening fact is that Africans have been written out of their own great history and taught perpetually to believe that they were (and still are) inferior by nature and primitive in their understandings of the human experience.


       This condition has been brought forth by a powerful institutionalized complex of racism and its sub-systems of classism and sexism. However, it is an illogical system and it is on us, the children of the diaspora both in the Americas and abroad to reclaim that which is ours - the legacy, mystery, and folklore of our melanin roots.

2. The Vantage Point

       These institutional systems are completely unacceptable and thus one of the main focal points of our curriculum is help our people understand the greatness that we are through the greatness that we were; giving great focus to the contributions of all other societies through the lens of only truth. By the way of truth and respect we honor the history of our ancestors, bringing more of our brothers and sisters to the same light the ancients have left on for us.


       We are many things but primarily we serve as cultural resource center, modern day mystery school, monk monastery. What we mean when we claim these titles is that we are establishing the modern African systems within a global 21st century world and taking on the immense responsibility to hold integrity to the craft from which it hails. It means that we teach our members the many rich traditions, mystery systems, and proper history that were taken from us throughout our fall - our Maafa. We have created two core paths that we utilize to create powerful modern day master mystic monks. The first is the Pathway of the Ancient Relational History, and the other is The Pathway of the Ancient Relational Mysticism. You can learn more about these programs, and about the great work we do for our community in our many other online archives by subscribing to our site below.

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3. The Seven Cores of Dommen's Perceptions

There are seven core concepts that we instill into our members (we call them "The Seven Cores of Dommen's Perceptions") and they are as follows:


1.  The Core of Just Respect (Dommell) - We teach that just respect due for our fellow man and woman is the only proper way to consider oneself as equally just and in due bounds with the elements of the flow for greater good. In that, if one is worthy, of true heart, and sincerity of action, that they are due our respect without hesitation, judgement, or reservation the same. We teach that all cultures and peoples on this planet in one way or another have contributed to the matriculation of civilization whether positive or negative, and we should not blindly discount or devalue any being over another without just reason. We teach that the African, both of antiquity and modern times and globally existent, is due a high standard of respect and should demand of the world that level of respect based on their significant cultural and creative contributions, status as the root of humankind, and the wisdom of a millennia-tenfold.


2.  The Core of Objective Education (Dommeux) - We teach using no unjust altering personal bias and steer strongly away from nefarious intent; teaching instead from an African cultural lens that aims to highlight the many contributions that are currently misattributed or otherwise ignored because of racism, general ignorance of, or hatred of African peoples worldwide. We teach by the facts, by using source materials and primary sources to the best of our honorable ability; by using the physical locations, monuments, temples, scrolls, people, stories - the evidence left behind, and so on to give the most accurate and fair picture of the contributions and other high scientific knowledge that flowed through the African experience. We do not ignore the positive or negative contributions of any society and are a holistic school of Master Mystic Monks, boundless in their travels and relentless in the search for information.

3. The Core of Reverence to the Ancient & the Occult (Dommout) - The ancients of times past were intelligent well beyond what society generally believes of them. They have erected great monuments, created mysterious artifacts, and left behind vital clues to their wisdom in the annals of history and it is on us to be responsible for the noble mission of carrying on the craft in proper form. It is thence, one of our cores to manifest upon this earth the revealing of their wisdom, application of their knowledge, and respect for their teachings.


4.  The Core of Just Peace Among One Another (Dommkhael) - We believe that when humanity uses our great collective mind to come together, that it is then our greatest feats and accomplishments come unto fruition. However, as long as we are distrustful of each other, religiously intolerant of each other, and racially divisive amongst each other, then our true human high frequency cannot be attained. Travelers that pass through our programs learn how to transmute between any matrix boundary. Our students learn about many related concepts and how to apply it generously and cautiously to their lives, amongst each other, and outward into the world. Our members are learned in the mentality that we must, as Tupac Shakur once said, "Learn to see me as your brother instead of two distant strangers." We must end the aggression against our own and learn to smile, and be well towards one another instead of acting against our own community in anger and ignorance. We teach from the SAAMR publication, written by our Founder, The Way of Light that teaches how to live a peace-centered lifestyle while defending that peace-centered state by any available means.


5. The Core of the Holistic High Sciences (Dommghe) - The study of the high sciences as a whole. By sciences, we do not solely mean the conventional sciences but also the study of languages, writings, history, esoteric realms, religion, chemistry, physics (including metaphysics), alchemy, biology, astrology, astronomy, linguistics, and the like; all with the intent of inspiring curiosity in our community and furtherance of the craft - to inspire one to think on a high frequency or a higher consciousness and to never find content with the stagnation of information we search in perpetuity for all knowledge. We teach that all knowledge should be boundless and we have created a culture of scholarship operating from that principle.


6. The Core of Natural Minimalism & Conservation (Dommessi) - The principles of doing no harm as it relates to nature is a founding core within our mystic rites. To the maximum extent possible, and interconnecting every aspect of our mystic rites, we lead with our environmentalism. The vehicles we travel within, the clothing we wear, where our energy originates, the products we sell, the waste we produce, and every other article of note; we lead with our education and actions on preserving the sanctity of the biosphere as intact as we found it.

7. The Core of the Dommon Philosophy Stone (Dommstorn) - All ventures and all actions are philosophy-centric.


"To me personally, one of the most damaging storms that have ever struck my ["black"] people was and still is the rabid mis-education of the "negro". We must know what greatness we were before this mis-education program began in order to better be in the modern cipher."

-Cedric Paul Harriott, SAAMR Founder




     Information integrity is one of our great focus points; done by the way of un-compromised truth untainted by a corruptible agenda. Our wisdom keepers constantly monitor our database for informational integrity and/or new research insights. This is to ensure that we are 100% accurate in all subjects we venture into. It is in our core interest and value to ensure that all of our extensive archives and great halls of study are 100% truthful, honest, factually backed, and available for open discussion and/or scrutiny and we welcome your contributions; unfiltered. Period.



     Wisdom Keeper & Master Student Cedric Harriott, SAAMR Founder - "I started this great organization after receiving the great light of truth in reference to "knowledge of self". I learned that my ancestors contributed far more than my school history books and general society ever told me about and I felt that it was in my duty and ability to share that same light by acting as a conduit and master student to the truth of our past. We need to know about financial literacy, about group economics, and how to get our influence where it is needed in the modern context."




     Our roots are deeply intertwined within the great roots of the past, of our brothers and sisters on the same journey, and of strangers curious of the path in which we follow. Our roots are the healthy and always growing roots of the great redwood tree - meaning that we are always rising into the higher understanding of self while simultaneously spreading our foundation across the nurturing home of the earth. Our roots are the roots of many and those roots feed into one unit, one structure, one life, one understanding; one GRAND purpose; and always a grand conduit.



     We look at the past through the cultural lens primarily of our ancestors, the ancient Nile Valley Civilizations, Africa as a continent, as well as the cultural lens of our experiences throughout the span of history. We explore where we started, what we were, what happened throughout time, and where we should be heading. Our perspective is focused on what Brother Ashra Kwesi refers to as "know thyself".



     Our future is your future; your future by becoming a Wisdom Seeker in our organization. Our future is to grow in truth and to grow by history; the right history. Our future depends on you growing with us.

"More than any religion, more than any belief, and even more than any faith; all that matters ultimately is the truth."

- Cedric Paul Harriott, SAAMR Founder

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