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The Traveler Tier

     This membership costs you absolutely nothing and yet it provides you with access to some of our great study halls, grand archives, and extensive information repositories.

     This is for people that don't want to borrow our books or attend our public events but would rather read our newsletter, and utilize our online information repositories (YouTube, SAAMR.org website, and other media formats). Some events are free to the public and Traveler members are able to join where available.

There is no charge for this membership.

     All that is required for this membership level is an email address, and password which can be entered using the "Login/Sign Up" button above. 



1. Access to free public-facing website-based resources, limited WCE access.
2. Access to select on-demand/physical lectures, classes, or seminars.
3. subscription to the email list - quarterly newsletters
4. access to select public-facing media content (e.g., YouTube, etc.)

The Research & Scholarship Tier

     This is the membership for the people or organizations interested in utilizing our website based resources as well as attend our public events, community seminars, lectures, member meetings, networking events, and utilize our physical research material. This tier also includes store discounts, access to free SAAMR-produced books, articles, and other products.

     This membership also enables our donors to be chosen to participate in our field research expeditions in places such as Kemet, Ethiopia, Mali, Rome, Greece, the general Americas, locally, to farms, and more (where available.)

     Research & Scholarship membership costs $9.00 month. It is non-contract based and you are free to cancel anytime.

Your Research Membership will be merged with the Traveler Tier membership granting you extended access to all of our resource pools.


Currently Unavailable.


1. Access to all public-facing website-based resources including full public WCE access.
2. Access to all public-facing paid+free media content.
3. Access to Research & Scholarship (R/S) special seminars, lectures, and classes.
4. Free SAAMR published books, articles, etc.

The Sage3/5/7 Tiers

The Sage Tiers are the selective tiers of membership administrated by the Monk's Hall. These members have additional benefits, but it is also the only class of tiers that have particular requirements for all applicants.

If you wish to perform incredible studies, build with our internal monks, perform scholarly works under the resources and support of SAAMR, become a published author, lead an expedition team, work with exploring boundless information, work with our internal projects not publically released, or you wish to seek membership into the Elder Sage Council, then this is the membership for you.

Sage3 - $8.00/mo w/ 1,000 total membership limit
Sage5 - $6.00/mo w/ 500 total membership limit

Sage7 - $0.00/yr w/ 100 total membership limit (after five years of membership the member in good standing is promoted to Elder Sage Council membership)

For more information see our downloadable brochure.


Currently Unavailable.


1. All benefits of Research & Scholarship membership with the addition of access to monk-facing resources.
2. Access to development operations (limited).
4. Access to library artifact rentals program and other premium-link programs.
5. Access to special Conclave of the Sage sessions.


SAAMR Memberships

"Join the Network - Community - Family - Discussion - Journey - Flow; Join Us."

It is my hope that those interested in what my school & organization has to offer will not just be but a stranger on our path but that they introduce themselves to us as we have done to them.

- Cedric P. Harriott, SAAMR Founder

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