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Our Mission Statement


The School of the Ancient Alkebu-lanic Mystic Rites, Inc.

Mission Statement as of 4.9.2014 (Updated 1/7/2018 by order of the President)

Temple of the President



Our most noble missions, to which we are honor bound are as follows: 



Clause One

Our mission is to fix the systemic issues that have caused much of the world to ignore, misidentify, or otherwise misattribute, directly or indirectly, intentionally or non-intentionally, the achievements and contributions of the African civilizations both ancient and modern.

Clause Two

Our mission is to create modern day master mystic monks and freethinkers hailing from an African-centered cultural lens by way of our Mystic Degree pathways. Our aim by this is to create master student monks that are able to operate with a balanced perception of the world, a thorough knowledge of all articles in this world, its various matrices, distractions, and other components essential for the establishment of a monk monastery not disconnected from any matrix but rather flowing effortlessly through them all and communicating with everyone on every level of their own journeys in a noble effort to showcase the value of ancient knowledge applied in a modern context through an honorable monastery, mystery school, and parent nonprofit organization operating globally, but headquartered in the United States of America. This allows them to live more fruitful and prosperous lives through education, self-contemplation, self-respect, global-respect, and self-actualization all of which transcend human established boundaries.

Clause Three

Our mission is to educate everyone, that is with a true heart and open to objective information, on the history of the world, its population, and of the higher contemplative sciences.

Clause Four

Our mission is to utilize the knowledge of self, acquired through our Mystic Degree Pathway structured programs or our independent self-paced learning resources, and the knowledge gained by way of modern advancements in our global domicile, to enhance the quality of life of the whole of the civilizations across the world.

Clause Five

Our mission is to establish, directly in-house, and through supportive policies, protocols, and other similar action, the critical infrastructure necessary to begin the rebuilding of the African civilization, the necessary support structure to achieve the goal of the self-sufficient but high-value trading African civilization, and the ability to maintain successful integrity & accountability-based prosperous African civilizations both in the Americas and across the world.

Clause Six

Our mission is to directly provide products, services, and memberships essential for the improvement and overall health of our community without the motive or objective being based on profit or desire-based consumption (e.g., consumerism, materialism, or conspicuous consumption).

Clause Seven

Our mission is to address the systemic issues that have caused upon much of the world to disconnect from the truth of the immorality of and immense pain caused by the slaughter and consumption of fellow sentient animal life without the basis as being grounded in reason but rather desire. Essentially our mission, through this clause specifically, is to bring more humans to our lifestyle interpretation of an Ethical Mystic Vegan, a lifestyle centered on compassion, conservation, respect of sentient life, local health, biosphere health, and planetary health.

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