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        In this world that is so riddled in the many riddles and lost history of the origins of traditions we aim to discover lost meanings through source material and astrology. It is critical to high conscious thought that we present you with information discovered through decades of research and investigation; we, being that conduit to which information freefly flows, offer to you all the ability to place this data in your own Ma'atian mental court of law - and as always you may reach out to us via our Director of Education: Cedric P. Harriott (Brother Master Heh Heru) with the subject line: "Astro. Sci & Rel. Lit." 

Astrological Sciences & Religious Literalism

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Astrological Sciences & Religious Literalism (Part 1)

Subject: Astrology & Religion

Running Time: 9:54 min

The Foundation: Obtaining a solid base line of historical and astrological knoweldge is crucial to furthering ones conscious travels. This first video should establish a solid cornerstone.

Astrological Sciences & Religious Literalism (Part 2)

Subject: Astrology & Religion

Running Time: 9:50 min

​The Middle Chamber: Building upon the revelations you discovered in Part 1, we take you further into the universe and deeper into the realm of astrology. Brace yourself, your consciousness is about to rise exponentially.

Astrological Sciences & Religious Literalism (Part 3)

Subject: Astrology & Religion

Running Time: 7:49 min

The Final Consciousness: A barrage of facts neatly organized into a solid innerstanding and overstanding on Astrological Sciences and Religious LIteralism. Enjoy this last seedling.

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