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Behold, the unified house of the Master Mystic Monks hailing with honors from the School of the Ancient Alkebu-lanic Mystic Rites, Inc. We are the official Monk Monastery of SAAMR, Inc. and within our hall resides the home for the masters in mysticism (The Pathway of the Ancient Relational Mysticism) and the home for the masters in histories (The Pathway of the Ancient Relational History). 

When an initiate monk has completed the totality of their lightworks and study, has taken the monk's oath, has been tested by the Matriarch, has been certified in their respective mystic/historic arts by SAAMR, and has been wholly-accepted by the School as a Master Mystic Monk - it is then that they perform their works in their respective houses.

It is with warm regards and honors upon the ancestors that we welcome you to the public-facing welcome page for the Monk's Hall.

- Abbot Kai Kihran

The Monk's Hall


The United Voice of the Mystic & Historian Monks of SAAMR, Inc.

twe poibo doi ankh nis ona hraher earning ona

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