Welcome to Library Isle D

Welcome to Library Isle D! In this Isle you will find the various projects and works from the SAAMR Media Productions Temple and the SAAMR Interior Publishing Temple.


- SAAMR Monks

SAAMR Media productions Temple

This library isle features the works of the SMPT Network:

1. The Carbon Lotus Roundtable - Series/Podcast

2. Moments - Series

3. Featured Videos

4. SMPT Archive Video of the Year - The Great Debate: Dr. John Henrik Clarke vs. Mary Lefkowitz

SAAMR interior publishing temple

This library isle features products published by the temple:

1. Way of Light - Master Mystic Monk Heh Heru (Cedric P. Harriott)

2. Inspirational Concepts in the High Sciences - Master Mystic Monk Heh Heru (Cedric P. Harriott)

3. Journey to Nubia & Kemet: Exploring African History, Culture, & Contributions - Angel D. Harriott

4. SAAMR, Inc. Featured Reading List / Book Club

Coming Soon...


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