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Bobby Hemmitt

Bobby Hemmitt

Historian, Scholar


Brother Bobby Hemmitt is a no-holds-barred, spiritual and down to earth speaker. He deciphers the mysteries that have been locked into the "mystery system" and brings the universe back to "BLACK" life. Many of Bobby Hemmitt’s lectures range from 2 to 10 hours. Be prepared though. Pretty much any Bobby Hemmitt lecture will blow you away with powerful information.

Bobby Hemmitt has put two decades of research into the esoteric tradition. Hemmitt and Dr. Phil Valentine have been teaching and lecturing on metaphysics since the 90s. They started way before YouTube and also before it was popular. Nowadays Bobby Hemmitt is world renowned for his work in the occult.

Bobby Hemmitt is a scholar of esoteric knowledge. Interest in Hemmitt’s lessons has been growing but his YouTube clips and internet radio shows have really grown his audience exponentially in the past ten years. Hemmitt’s analytical study and dynamic style of public delivery that encompasses a colossal volume of research that he continuously gives to you within the presentation is unique and keeps people looking for his insight on various matters.

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