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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will students be able to do after obtaining your mystic degrees?
    We are an officially recognized nonprofit educational institution of African higher learning that operates as a private foundation and that is not bound by outside educational influences or curriculums. On a local level these mystic degrees change the students perception about the world and educates them on many of the facets of life that aren’t covered by traditional schools. We do this with a focus on education and not profit which tends to lock out students from traditional universities as the massive amounts of debt accrued is not a moral good. That is to say that the students are more aware and in a higher state of wakefulness which leads them to live more purposeful, driven, and productive lives free from burdensome debt; information in proper form has the habit of doing that. As an example think of brother Malcom X before he found knowledge and changed his entire situation in life; our programs do the same. On a professional level (i.e. applying for a specific job or position) these degrees can be showcased on your resume as professional training, skills, life learning, or the like and it showcases the fact that you are serious about many topics in life. Remember that these programs range in length from 12 - 16 months of non-traditional extremely high intensity learning and lifestyle changes so in a professional sense they showcase your resolve and commitment to self-betterment, organizational-betterment, and community-betterment. All of this is to say that with our degrees you can experience tranquil flexibility in your chosen career or life field of study. Whether you want to become a doctor, lawyer, farmer, researcher, teacher, or the like our degrees make you a more rounded, focused, proud, disciplined, and competent being of light validated by us and our thousands of years old process crafted by the ancient Africans who invented the institutions of higher learning. As more students obtain these degrees and our extremely high standards become even more evident to the outward facing community their value will easily become evident, naturally.
  • How do you instill a 40 year educational system into your programs?
    Forty years is a variable lifetime of learning and it was more practical for our ancestors to partake in such a mystic lifestyle however, given the current state of our people and the future we so seek we don’t feel that this traditional model is for us. What we have done is created a lifetime master student style approach. This means that after the student completes our mystic degree programs (ranging anywhere from 12 - 16 months) they are transformed into a master knowledge seeker, mystic, monk, scholar, researcher, thinker, and master student for the duration of their lives - and one who lives by our philosophies. That is to say that they commit themselves to a lifetime of more learning and intense contemplation. This allows all of us to focus on self-betterment and community-betterment and at the same time infrastructure projects and modern socio-economic issues affecting our people globally. This method isn’t a cookie-cutter method either as different African mystic schools have various approaches to their mission; this one just fits ours best.
  • What is the recommended age for your programs?
    Our programs are targeted for the travelers of age 15+. For travelers that are between the ages of 15-17 the program is free to them as long as they are sponsored by an accepted and traveling adult. For travelers 18 and older the program is open for your exploration.
  • What is the cost of your mystic degree programs?
    The current 2017-2018 pricing structure documentation can be found on the sub-page titled "Pricing" under the "Pograms" tab of this website. There are scheduled payment options available, discounts available, and other information on benefits and schedules available by visiting the "Pricing" sub-page under the "Programs" tab of this website. All pricing is subject to change without notice but will be reflected on this site with the active date in the document header. If you have any questions utilize the "Contact Us" tab or give us a call directly at 202.266.9941.
  • How long does it take to complete your mystic degree programs?
    Travelers can expect this program to be anywhere from 12 months to 16 months depending on various factors. If the traveler wishes to take the PARM or the PARH separately then their program length should be about 12 months. If the traveler wishes to take the PARM & PARH then their program length should be about 16 months. The program pace is out our discretion and if a traveler falls too far behind on our pathway then their progress is ceased but they may return in another two years after reapplying for the program and being selected to continue.
  • Is your organization only for those who are of African lineage?
    No, our mission is to fix the systemic issues that have caused the world to ignore, misidentify, or misattribute the achievements of the African civilizations both ancient and modern. Our mission is to educate everyone with a true heart open to objective information on the history of the world, its population, and of the high sciences. These aforementioned mission statement clauses have no restriction on culture or an interested student’s level of melanin; they are restricted to the actions of the individual soul and their aptitude for learning.
  • What is the true benefit of your mystic degree programs and the associated Master Mystic Monk status within SAAMR?
    A Mystic Monk of our Mystic Rites enjoys the benefit of a lifetime membership (automatically recertifies per five years) with the school that affords them all of the privileges of the Research Donor Member as well as these other static benefits: the ability to join our research projects across the world, the ability to utilize all materials within the SAAMR Archives, Temples, & Repositories, the ability to actively join in our Mystic Monk Conclaves, the ability to visit our future celestial observatory, the ability to attend any SAAMR event at no cost, and the ability to visit the future Mystic Monk Monastery Temple with 24/7 access. In addition to these static benefits a Master Mystic Monk of SAAMR is joined with a true-hearted network of knowledge seekers, mystics, historians, librarians, physicists, linguists, biologists, architects, and other Monks from all walks of life on the same true journey of enlightenment – the benefit of being with those who seek the answers and enjoy the journey.






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