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     This path of study below is called (PARM - pronounced [pah-raam]) – The Pathway of Ancient Relational Mysticism focuses on esoteric teachings from all revered prophets or the mythologies of the same, universal biology, mysticism, secret societies, magic, all revered mathematics, esoteric enlightenment, meditation, organics & universal farm studies/land reverence, universe studies, religious mythology history, chronological history, ancestor reverence, numerology, astrology, astronomy, physics, language, grammar, logic, rhetoric, music, chemistry, philosophy, symbolism in society, universal oneness, antiquities reverence & categorization, and mystic responsibility.


       This is not an easy program, it is not a light program, and it is not a program designed for those who don't have the commitment to complete it. There are also, four core restrictions that initiates must submit to before the program beings: one is that consumed alcoholic products are completely forbidden for the life of the initiate, secondly, tobacco products of any variant are forbidden for the life of the initiate, thirdly, all other mind-altering illicit drugs categorized in the PHB1 are forbidden for the life of the initiate, and finally, the initiate must submit to the lifestyle of Veganism (cleared by a medical professional) for the life of the initiate. This program is also very selective and we (SAAMR) reserve the right to deny any person from our programs for reasons we may or may not choose to remain non-published. This is not a cost free program, more information on current pricing as well as itemized breakdowns of cost can be provided upon dated request from an official SAAMR representative. Utilize the "Contact Us" section of our website and write (Pricing for PARH) in the subject line. It is worth noting that SAAMR Research Donor Members receive a discounted price for this program.


The Architect Mastery Levels (AML's) are as listed below:


  • Ancient Mystic Wisdom Seeker – AML1

  • Ancient Mystic Wisdom Adept – AML2

  • Great Ancient Mystic Seeker – AML3

  • Great Ancient Mystic Adept – AML4

  • Grand Ancient Mystic Seeker – AML5

  • Grand Ancient Mystic Adept – AML6

  • Great Mystic Conduit – AML7

  • Ancient Master of Mysticism Prime Conduit – AML8

  • Ancient Master of Mysticism Arc Templar – AML9

  • Ancient Master of Mysticism Arc Templar Architect – AML9h

AMMATA Degree Badge

     There is far more happening around us and within us than many people are able to innerstand; this is the program that explores this concept and seeks to attain the ancient knowledge culminated through the variable interconnected generations of our human experience and beyond. We will change your perception, alter your perspective, and impart upon you such high science concepts that you will never be able to view the world in the mindset you once had upon entering into the Pathway of Ancient Relational Mysticism. If you feel that you want to follow this path and experience its grandeur simply fill out the form on our programs page and we will contact you to administer the entrance questionnaire.

SAAMR, Inc. does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. These activities include, but are not limited to, hiring and firing of staff, selection of volunteers and vendors, and provision of services. We are committed to providing an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members of our staff, clients, volunteers, subcontractors, vendors, and clients.


SAAMR, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. We will not discriminate and will take affirmative action measures to ensure against discrimination in employment, recruitment, advertisements for employment, compensation, termination, upgrading, promotions, and other conditions of employment against any employee or job applicant on the bases of race, color, gender, national origin, age, religion, creed, disability, veteran's status, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

The Pathway of Ancient Relational Mysticism

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