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     Anthony Browder is a graduate of Howard University and has lectured extensively on topics pertaining to African and African American history and culture.


     Mr. Browder is the designer of the famous “Egypt on the Potomac” Field Trip, which he been conducted for over 20 years.  Long before Dan Brown popularized information related to the design of and symbolism in DC with his latest novel, The Lost Symbol, Mr. Browder was explaining its significance to those with ears to hear.


     Mr. Browder is the founder and director of IKG Cultural Resource Center and has devoted 28 years researching ancient Kemetic history, science, philosophy and culture.  He has traveled to Kemet 45 times since 1980 and is currently participating in the excavation of three 25th Dynasty tombs in Luxor, Kemet with the South Asasif Project.  This research has led Mr. Browder to the conclusion that ancient Africans were the architects of civilization and developed the rudiments of what has become the scientific, religious, and philosophical backbone of mankind. It is from this framework that IKG has concentrated its research and disseminated its findings.


     Through IKG, Mr. Browder sponsors lectures, seminars, cultural field trips of Washington, D.C., publishes his research, and has conducted study tours to Kemet, West Africa, South Africa and Mexico since 1987.


     He is the author of five publications — From The Browder File: 22 Essays on the African American Experience; Nile Valley Contributions To Civilization; Survival Strategies for Africans in America; and Egypt on the Potomac: A Guide to Decoding Egyptian Architecture and Symbolism and Avatar Revisited. He expects to publish a sequel to Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization in the near future.


     Mr. Browder is the co-author of four publications, including two written with his now 28-year-old daughter, Atlantis Tye Browder, entitled, My First Trip To Africa and Africa on My Mind.


     “Tony” describes himself as an autodidact and a chronicler of facts and information relative to the positive portrayal of the worldwide African experience.


Visit his website for his IKG Cultural Resource Center to further your studies under Anthony Browder: http://www.ikg-info.com/

Source: http://kemetamorphosis.com

: Kemetologist, Author, Cultural Memory Specialist, Pioneer, & Master Teacher

IKG Culture Resource Center

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1816 12th St NW
Washington, DC 20009

301-853-2465 (office)
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Anthony "Tony" Browder

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