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     Alkebu-lanic history is the great story of humankind history; the common mistake made from many educational institutions is that they attempt to try and cram Alkebu-lanic history into one or a few courses, or a month, or to try teaching it by starting off with the enslavement of Alkebu-lanic peoples. We, however, will start at the very beginning no matter the length of time or intensity of research it takes to explain the full story of the Alkebu-lanic peoples including their great contribution to humankind.


     Alkebu-lanic history is a deep history, an under-represented history, a lost history, a great history, a sad history, a joyous history, and a prideful history all at once. It is a long history deserving of the proper representation and through the proper afro-centric perspective (our own cultural lens) it will receive that reverence & respect.


     In this great hall of study you will come to learn this story, their ancient & modern religions, their traditions, schools of thought, connection to each other, the earth, and the universe, and so much more. You will learn of Alkebu-lan in a way that is fair to the truth of Alkebu-lanic peoples.

Halls of the Studies of Alkebu-lanic History Pre & Post Slavery

"African Venus" (1851) by French sculptor Charles Henri Joseph Cordier

The Alkebu-lanic Cultural Lens

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