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An engagement officer II (EO2) within SAAMR, Inc. is a part of the overall communication and relationship management areas of the organization’s management operations. An EO2 has the responsibility of being a diplomat, an innovator, and responsive high-energy synthesis point between the mission of the organization and other partners who wish to assist in that mission. An EO2 creates new opportunities for the organization to serve its missions better; fundraisers, material drives, and other activities of similar note are pivotal to the success of an EO2 within SAAMR, Inc.

Engagement Officer II (EO2)

April Portis

SAAMR Engagement Officer

The ever-innovative business, entrepreneurship, and inspirational force supporting the overall mission of SAAMR, Inc.

Business & Entrepreneurship Officer II (BEO2)

Stephen Portis

SAAMR Business & Entrepreneurship Officer

The director of our SAAMR Media Productions Temple, which includes all of our digital and social media platforms.

Social Media Content Director / Contributor

Sabrae Demby

Official SMPT Division Chief

The lead creative producer and consultant for the SMPT Network and all of its projects.

Creative Producer / Contributor

Samantha Black

Lead SMPT Creative Consultant & Producer

The physical embodiment of dedication, consistency, honor, and self-love.

Fitness & Vitality Director

Darren Williams

Official SAAMR Fitness Coach & Trainer


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