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BY: Dr. A.A. Yosef ben-Jochannan

ISBN-10: 0933121296

ISBN-13: 978-0933121294

African Origins of the Major Western Religions

African Origins of the Major "Western Religions" first published in 1970, continues to be one of Dr. Ben's most thought-provoking works. This critical examination of the history, beliefs and myths, remains instructive and fresh. By highlighting the African influences and roots of these religions, Dr. Ben reveals an untold history that many would prefer to froget.

BY: Dr. A.A. Yosef ben-Jochannan

ISBN-10: 0933121261

ISBN-13: 978-0933121263

Black Man of the Nile and His Family

Black Man of the Nile and His Family, first published in 1972, is Dr. Ben's best known work. It captures much of the substance of his early research on ancient Africa. In a masterful and unique manner, Dr. Ben uses Black Man of the Nile to challenge and expose "Europeanized" African History. He points up the distortion after distortion made in the long record of African contributions to world civilization. Once exposed he attcks these distortions with a vengence, providing a spellbinding corrective lesson in our story.

BY: John G. Jackson 

ISBN-10: 0910309531

ISBN-13: 978-0910309530

Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth

BY: Anthony Browder

ISBN-10: 0924944153

ISBN-13: 978-0924944154

Avatar: A Historical and Cultural Analysis

Avatar is more than a 3D blockbuster. It is a film of extreme importance that can only be appreciated when viewed from a technological, theatrical, sociological, psychological, and spiritual perspective. Avatar Revisited: A Historical and Cultural Analysis provides you with the insight to view Avatar, and all films, from a unique and empowering perspective.

BY: Anthony Browder

ISBN-10: 092494403X

ISBN-13: 978-0924944031

Nile Valley Contributions to Civilizations

From the introduction of this book, you get the idea that Anthony Browder is very influence by the work done by John G. Jackson, John Henrik Clarke, and Yosef ben-Jochannan. These three men have done some of the most profound research and writing on early African history and the Nile Valley contribution to civilization. The writings of these men contain a lot of scholarship, which to many people may be very difficult to read and understand. This is why this book is so important. Anthony Browder took what Jackson, Clarke, and Jochannan wrote about in their books and translated it so that the average person could read and understand it. The theme of this book is centered on early Africa, early Africa's stolen legacy and early Africa's contributions to civilization. It also puts an emphasis on how those early contributions was translated into today's American society.

BY: Anthony Browder

ISBN-10: 0924944137

ISBN-13: 978-0924944130

Egypt on the Potomac

This study tour will familiarize you with the architecture, symbolism, philosophy, and mythology of the ancient Nile Valley, and show you where elements of these disciplines can be found throughout the District.

We will decode symbols, discuss the influence of Masonry, and show you America’s secret acknowledgment of ancient Africa’s contributions to civilization.

BY: W.E.B. Du Bois

ISBN-10: 0486280411

ISBN-13: 978-0486280417

Souls of Black Folk

This landmark book is a founding work in the literature of black protest. W. E. B. Du Bois (1868-1963) played a key role in developing the strategy and program that dominated early 20th-century black protest in America. In this collection of essays, first published together in 1903, he eloquently affirms that it is beneath the dignity of a human being to beg for those rights that belong inherently to all mankind. He also charges that the strategy of accommodation to white supremacy advanced by Booker T. Washington, then the most influential black leader in America, would only serve to perpetuate black oppression.

BY: Anthony Browder

ISBN-10: 0924944005

ISBN-13: 978-0924944000

From the Browder File: 22 Essays on the African-American Experience

We can be led to act in our own interest as a group if we tune into, and add to, our mental diets, the liberating thoughts that are provifef for us in the From The Browder File. No person or group outside of our own is likely to see our need for a collective rebirth of consiousness.



The Skeptics Annotated Bible

"A stunning achievement ... I have an entire bookshelf of bibles and biblical commentaries, concordances, appendices, and the like, but the SAB is by far the best tool for biblical research I have ever come across." --- Dr. Michael Shermer, Founding Publisher of Skeptic magazine and Executive Director of the Skeptics Society


"I've been waiting for this book for my entire life! Finally, the Bible with organized notes and critique--pointing out the profane, the craziness, the tribalism, the murder, the incestuous episodes, and the beautiful and the sublime. All in one book!" --Julia Sweeney, Writer and performer of "Letting Go of God" and "God Said Ha!" and the book, "If It's Not One Thing, It's Your Mother"


"The Skeptic's Annotated Bible offers an invaluable presentation of the bible that doesn't hide the cruelties, contradictions, absurdities, misogyny, and everything else that makes the 'Good Book' bad. It is an indispensible resource and the only book I keep on my desk." --Dr. Peter Boghossian, Dept. of Philosophy, Portland State University. Author of: "A Manual for Creating Atheists"

BY:  Middleton A. Harris (Editor), Ernest Smith (Editor), Morris Levitt (Editor), Roger Furman (Editor), Toni Morrison (Foreword)

ISBN-10: 1400068487

ISBN-13: 978-1400068487

The Black Book

Seventeenth-century sketches of Africa as it appeared to marauding European traders. Nineteenth-century slave auction notices. Twentieth-century sheet music for work songs and freedom chants. Photographs of war heroes, regal in uniform. Antebellum reward posters for capturing runaway slaves. An 1856 article titled “A Visit to the Slave Mother Who Killed Her Child.”


In 1974, Middleton A. Harris and Toni Morrison led a team of gifted, passionate collectors in compiling these images and nearly 500 others into one sensational narrative of the black experience in America: The Black Book.


Now in a deluxe 35th anniversary hardcover edition, The Black Book remains a breathtaking testament to the legendary wisdom, strength, and perseverance of black men and women intent on freedom. Prominent collectors Morris Levitt, Roger Furman, and Ernest Smith, as well as Middleton Harris and Toni Morrison (then a Random House editor, now a two-time Pulitzer Prize—winning Nobel laureate) spent months studying, laughing at, and crying over these materials–from transcripts of fugitive slaves’ trials and proclamations by Frederick Douglass and other celebrated abolitionists to chilling images of cross burnings and lynchings, patents registered by black inventors throughout the early twentieth century to vibrant posters from “Black Hollywood” films from the 1930s and 1940s.


A labor of love and a vital link to the richness and diversity of African American history and culture, The Black Book honors the past, reminding us where our nation has been, and gives flight to our hopes for what is yet to come. Beautifully and faithfully presented, and featuring a new Foreword and original poem by Toni Morrison, The Black Book remains a timeless landmark work. 


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