The Inspirational Concepts in the High Sciences, non-color edition, was the first written work created by our founder, Cedric P. Harriott, under the pseudonym Heh Heru. 


It covers more than 30 sublime research areas of our lives that are either currently without an answer or otherwise simply awe-inspiring. 


Topics include mathematics, mysticism, magnetics, numerology, history, astronomy, astrology, and many more.


It was written to inspire the next generation of free-thinkers, scientist, creators, philosophers, historians, and scholars to seek out these sublime arts and the many others that exist within us and around us.


"In life there are questions; things we don't know. In life also, there are people that ask the tough questions and then there are the people that don't want to know. The question is my friend; where do you fit in?" - Heh Heru


Within our book, the Inspirational Concepts in the High Sciences we aim to educate and inspire people of all ages on the many different areas of our experiential existence from a scientific and spiritual perspective. Our mission is to inspire a new generation of critical thinkers to battle on the front lines of our battle for understanding the majestic nature of the world around us and within us. We were not birthed here to pay bills, watch junk television, and die. That is the revelation.

Inspirational Concepts in the High Sciences - (Full-Color)

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    Published: October 20, 2017

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