The Ocean's Tongue: Journal Excerpt 34

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

“The key to our subconscious is being able to label the abstract. Because of this, I find it interesting we don't understand the void of the sea as much at the sky's above us.

It is known that our species has interacted with the materials of the sky’s infinity more than the water covering the very planet we live, breathe, and thrive on. We have even made indirect contact with other planets using technology. In this current moment, the world’s leading scientists speculate the first humans to set foot on the red planet are alive. These pioneers of space exploration will be launched to mankind’s next accomplishment and new challenge greeting us in the next decade-

The journey to Mars would last nearly nine months. An extreme sense of caution would be imperative when taking into account the angle, speed, inertia, mass, and countless other variables measured from both planets to ensure the aircraft’s trajectory would land safely. In order to deliver it’s passengers safely, a new level of collaboration among human beings would need be developed. Nonrenewable resources worth billions would pool into this novel expedition. A heightened level of risk would be introduced, but if completed upon successfully, human beings could experience a reward unlike any other. It would be the first time in the history of time, life would breach the areas of containment it was never meant to leave. Perhaps, we are the only life to exist in the universe, to defeat the greater odds stating life could not expand to other corners. In many ways, it would be as much of a miracle as the creation of life on our planet; Rebelling against the laws dictating where life can dare to exist. I feel like the stars are testing us. We stare into the abyss, facing the universe in defiance, as strong as it can be when bending the forces demanding we experience more. To be more, wherever we chose to be.

In a certain sense it would be a creation of new life, as only the brave and resilient would survive. The few that would endure, would be the catalysts for the next evolutionary phase of all life. These new beings would be relative to mankind. They would share the beauty, virtue, and strength from those that came before them, yet be separate from the shortcomings and limitations of what we do not know now. These new beings, who I assume would abandoned the concept of biological race, and perhaps even species all together (at a much later point), would place a title among themselves signifying their quest to expand the beauty of what life is: Creation, and the Celebration of What Already Is. Perhaps, the title of these beings would be derivative of Latin, giving life to a dead language. Entia Mundi, meaning cosmic beings, but a reverse translation “Being the World”- An homage to the traces of first the rudimentary IPR, helping the human species through the technology of verbal sound form. This new method of information processing, otherwise known as verbal communication, would help individuals bond with others they shared their environment with, using vocal chords to exchange information and having a tool so that two or more minds could meet to find a solution to problems that would arise in everyday life. As verbal communication became more nuanced, the mind of humans became more refined, being able to to pick up on subtle differences in sound made with- Distinct sounds created were symbolic of shared concepts Latin, is known to be one sharing thoughts and memories, communication with those outside the shell of their perceived existence.

If we are to fill the gap between us and Mars - we have to ultimately seek to live the differences of our brotherly neighbors. To state someone's way of speaking, living and way of loving is wrong, through religion, language, or culture, is a disservice to us, on both an individual and grand level. We barricade a part of our souls we may never explore without new ways of thinking, and without those tools of further consciousness, we can't develop new ways of creating sciences that will lead us further."

Journal entry 10-08-19 // Maria Llantada

"If one is to be a leader, one should act as a bridge"- Welsh Proverb



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