Mr. Pain

Mr. Pain,

Do you realize how stupid

You look with those words

lodged in your mouth?

A man of truth you claim to be,

But with such a word of density,

It doesn’t seem to sink.

Sinking, sinking,

Thinking, thinking,

Heavy thoughts

Trip me up,

I’ve landed in an early grave.

Bottom barrel of them all,

I’m the girl,

Whose wings snapped off.

Something stolen I don’t know-

Like the virginity of an angel

Who’s “no” was caught in her throat.

Something stolen I don’t know-

My mother says I look like the scraps

Of a corpse that refuses to decompose.

The little I have I’m careful to give away,

The little I have is the dimming light

Keeping me alive.

Deeper truths

Heavy the bones,

Don’t tell lies,

It’ll break your neck

Mr. Pain,

Why is your head so high?

Love me still

Love me loud,

I’m melting

Down to dew and


I dare not lie,

So why am I foaming

poison at the mouth?

I kissed you deep,

And let you breath.

Who are you really?

The first letter of hope?

Or the notice of why

God left us to rot?

You let your lies

Ferment in my mouth,

But little did you know,

Intruders lure me in like

A serpent to a rodent.

Venom I am,

And Venom you will


Keep your distance,

For a sharp tongue

Happens to cut

deeper than swords.

Mr. Bane,

Keep your distance.

Sharp tongues are refined

By the hearth of truth,

And from what I know,

I got an edge that’ll caramelize your soul,

And I’ll gladly indulge on the flesh of the fraudulent.



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