Ghost (LGBTQ)

Side by side,

nestled in

Under warm blankets

And hands held tight.

Side by side,

We giggle and cry-

Just like any other friends,

Cuddling away any tears

That swell in our eyes.

It’s another sleepover-

A few moments of tender solidarity-

Sharing secrets in a hush,

Of boys I’ve kissed,

And girls you missed.

Sorting through memories,

I find one of yours,

An old driver’s license,

Detailing a ghost.

It’s you-

But definitely not you.

Like something died

Inside long ago-

Collecting dust,

Never buried

With a proper tomb-

You lugged around a corpse-

Of a life you didn’t want.

Forced to wear the skin,

Of a boy you didn’t like,

And singing with a voice,

That was lower than your hopes;

Maybe that’s why you never talked.

So when you finally had the courage,

To sing,

And dance,

And laugh,

With the girl you always wanted to be-

Why did they cast stones?

I wish someone had cradled your little heart,

And carried you over to the world of sisterhood

The way you should have been-

Because to me,

You’re a girl who’s courage

Outshines their hateful sin.

A lady Lazarus of sorts-

A death,

Rising in love and hope.



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