Carol Colors Fuzzed Together (2018)

Carol colors fuzzed together

with soft light.

There he is

My blooming vessel’s


A smiling child

A boy

Nearly a man


A joyous grin masked on his face

A stance of charm

Looming over me


Blurred scan

All the stars of my n

Small folk town

Crowd the cellar

Of this mansion coop.

My blooming vessel's wish

To be part of the



Yet I look around,

And what I know

Proves as true.

This crowd that’s in

Is rarely within.

A flock of sheep

Specializing in



They drown in poured spirits,

In explicit senseless lyrics,

In passionless sin

Marking their skin

All because

Brain dead tribes

Don’t know how

To exist in a way

That redefines

what it means to be alive


Shallow and weak-

Never breathing or kissing deeply,

Nor running and thinking freely.

If you never inhabit

Your body

You rot away

Passing moment

through moment

Carrying an empty corpse

That’s a case for your soul.


I know what I know.

Yet I am here,

Stepping on a traveled path

Not fitted for my prance


I’m a tool for buying into the jewels-

I feel like trash

Without their tags

Despite their golden marks

Holding weight

of fleeting grace.


But that’s why I’m here

My allure a bright disease,

Contracted when

Spring arrived-

The sweet aroma of this blossom

Drawing maggots

Famished for flesh.


A weirdo always left

On the sidelines-

But not tonight-

As my allure

Set my lure.


A part of the crew

Yet even then

In this populated space

I am

A constant enigma

Hanging in the midst of ordinary people.

And even in this sea of

So called friends

I'm Isolated on an island

Suspended by my esoteric raft of thoughts.

Open ocean is where I’m meant to be,

Yet I am here,

Knowing many drown

Standing in the shallow end of life.


Concentrated youth

Inexperienced to the poison in the room.

A cavorting pack of fools

But as part of the crew

I have no clue

Of the ill luck in my cup.


Heavy body

My mind tries to rise

But my body,

my wings,

stay limp.

I see his smile

A sign of peril.


Each step takes me further away

Yet each step

Drowns my eyes

In a sleep my vessel wants

But my mind tries to fight.


A sharp pressure expanding in my tiny skull,

yet my heart is beating to a stop

Body limp.

Smiling predator.

The door slowly closes,

Darkness pours into the room,

And a maggot emerges


Dragging my corpse,

Tired and numb,

My eyes slowly clasp shut-

darkness pours into my eyes

But maybe it’s for the better

To be blind

Of what another darkness brought.



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