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There are hundreds of Master Teachers and Master Teacher Ancestors that have contributed greatly to the archive of wisdom that better guides our lives. We owe to them the awesome responsibility of being good stewards of their legacy. We must remember them, study them, revere them, and spread their wisdom to the community. 


This collection will, with time grow in its content, become more refined in its delivery, and we aim to use our in-house publishing service [SAAMR Publishing Temple.] to produce a book of Master Professors that we will provide in our artifact market at some point. 


With love, we present to you the Library Conclave of Ancestry & Master Professors.


- Cedric P. Harriott, SAAMR Founder & President


*For the non-traditional melanated Africans Library-C 

Master Brothers
Librarian Monk: Cedric P. Harriott
Anthony Browder
Dr. John Henrik Clarke
Dr. A.A. Yosef ben-Jochannan
Bobby Hemmitt
Runoko Rashidi
Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop
Thurgood Marshall
Booker T. Coleman
Phil Valentine
Dr. Huey P. Newton
Dr. Amos Wilson
Dr. Khalid Muhummad
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Muhammad Ali
Fred Hampton
Booker T. Washington
Nelson Mandela
Thurgood Marshall
Dr. Sebi
Bass Reeves
Marcus M. Garvey
Dr. Ivan Van Sertima
Master Sisters
Librarian Monk: Kany Dieye
Winnie Mandela
Harriet Tubman
Rosa Parks
Madam C.J. Walker
Maya Angelou
Mary McLeod Bethune
Sistah Souljah


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